Winter Cooking

I don’t usually post about my cooking, however today I decided to share two dishes I have cooked following the receipes on Giallo Zafferano which look delicious and were rather easy to cook. I will later update the post to include a translation of the receipes in English. You can see below a picture showing: 1) a savory pie with spinach, ricotta, pine kernels and raisins and 2) asparaguses wrapped in Parma ham with grated Parmesan cheese and puff pastry. It’s al been really easy to cook and it’s taken me about two hours to make both of them at the same time. Yummy!


It seems like a perfect on this snowy London day…below are some pictures showing the snowy beautiful view from my flat in London!



Who Do You Think You Are

Who do you think you are

Who do you think you are
Bringing rain when I want sun,
Drowning me in your tide
Telling me – have fun.

Who do you think you are
Treading on my heart with dirty shoes,
Expecting me to scrub off
Your traces of mud.

Who do you think you are
Walking in and out of my life
To stab my heart with your knife.

Stealing the poetry of snow
To dress your lies of romance,
Forgetting the snow would melt
To reveal the emptiness of your heart.

Winter Poem

A crunchy iced crust

shining in the sun

hiding the soft slushy snow

hands are frozen tingling icicles

breathing clouds of steam in the sun

little footprints in the frost

while even the strongest trees

bend over, under the weight

of their heavy blankets

(27 December 2010)

The pictures included in this post were all taken by myself on 26 December 2010 in Montgenèvre and Serre Chevalier (France).