Japanese Art Experiment

I recently experimented on a new painting style (new for me!)… I tried to reproduce a Japanese painting, finding inspiration in Ito Jakuchu’s painting “Tiger” and adding some other Japanese elements including Japanese writing (apologies for all the Japanese-speakers out there: I have no clue how to write / speak Japanese so I simply copied some characters I liked, trusting the website’s translation). Here’s the original painting by Ito Jakuchu:


The first phase was about learning how to use black ink. Thanks to YouTube, I followed the amazing 3-part course by Anna, an Italian art teacher – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NutpxPq99RA. I highly recommend her course, although you will need to understand Italian to follow it! I was stunned by how quickly I learnt by following her clear directions and instructions. These were my first attempts:


I then decided I would start off by drawing the contours of the main image by pencil:


Next, I used both traditional watercolours and water-soluble pencils (Caran d’Ache) to obtain a nice variety of yellow-brown nuances for the tiger.


Finally, I reached the stage of using the black ink for the first time! I was rather nervous, I must admit. I had spare paper with me and I was prepared to have to start the entire work all over again, being aware a little drop of ink could quickly ruin the entire picture. Happily, things went very well and I saved the painting when two drops came out rather heavily by using kitchen towel and then slighlty adapting the image to cover-up my little mistake. I don’t think it shows too much and I absolutely love the resultImage

Next I added some personal touches: I added a butterfly (again inspired by another Japanese painting, of which I cannot recall the name / author), a Japanese background with Mount Fuji (inspired by Hokusai) and Japanese characters (supposed to meanĀ “Live, Laugh, Love”) . And here’s the final result:


I absolutely loved painting this and I hope you like it too! I can’t wait to experiment some more with ink which is definitely a new tool I’ll add to my painting instruments.

Chagall painting: photos!

A long time ago I wrote about a painting I made copying a famous Chagall painting which I love! You can read all about it here… http://wp.me/s12zme-chagall

Here is the photo of the original painting. It is a painting which is part of the Biblical Cycle of the Song of Songs. In particular, it represents the Song of Solomon IV.

In my post, I had written that “as soon as I retrieve the photograph of my version of this painting I will publish it here!” So…I finally have the photographs! They are not very good because they are photographs of a photograph (which had been cropped, thus the whole painting is not visible)…however I thought they were decent enough to be published here!

The colours are a bit too bright …In the real painting I made they were darker, but I had to edit the brightness settings otherwise the photos would have been too dark to see all the details.

My favourite detail of the painting are the two faces of King Solomon and his bride. This post has made me feel like I want to paint again! I wish I had some free time to do it!!!
What about you?

Do you paint? Do you like painting or drawing?