Top 10 Best and Worst Sounding English Words

10 Best-Sounding Words in the English Language

1. Chimes

A set of bells or of slabs of metal, stone, wood, etc., producing musical tones when struck.

2. Dawn

To begin to grow light as the sun rises.

3. Golden

Consisting of, relating to, or containing gold.

4. Hush

Calm, quiet.

5. Lullaby

A song to quiet children or lull them to sleep.

6. Luminous

Emitting light; shining.

7. Melody

A sweet or agreeable succession of arrangements of sounds.

8. Mist

Water in the form of particles floating or falling in the atmosphere at or near the surface of the earth and approaching the form of rain.

9. Murmuring

A soft or gentle utterance.

10. Tranquil

Free from agitation; serene.

10 Worst-Sounding Words in the English Language

1.  Cacophony

Hard or discordant sound.

2. Crunch

To chew, grind, or press with a crushing noise.

3. Flatulent

Affected with gas in the stomach or intestine.

4. Gripe

To complain with sustained grumbling.

5. Jazz

Popular dance music.

6. Phlegmatic

Having a sluggish or solid temperament.

7. Plump

Somewhat fat.

8. Plutocrat

One who exercises power by virtue of his wealth.

9. Sap

The fluid part of the plant.

10. Treachery

Violation of allegiance, confidence or faith.

Lists and definitions from ‘The Book of Lists’ by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace, Corgi, 1980, p. 157.  Images from the Internet.

What are your favourite / most hated words in English or any other language?