The meaning of life

Today, the 27 January 2010, we remember the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.
The meaning of life

Today, is a foggy day and the snow is melting in the streets of Torino.
Today, people have lived like usual and people have been at work.

Yet, today, we need to stop and think…we need to remember what has been and why.
This has been and it could be again.

Always question the reasons for hatred and question things that do not seem right.
Stand up for your ideas and don’t think ‘my opinions won’t count’.

Thinking means being heard and speaking aloud.

Don’t forget to hear the voices of those

who never had the chance of speaking out.

Trappola / Trap


The flame elongates

Can you see the reflection?

It rises, it elongates, it retreats

My heart pulses

Can you hear the drums?

One, one hundred, one thousand

Or none

My voice

Overshadows my voice

You must talk louder!


No, only silence

The mind runs

Can you reach it?

I don’t know where it is going

The pen chases and catches…

The ink




Fragments of thought

Trapped in the paper.



La fiamma si allunga

Vedi il riflesso?

Sale, si allunga, si ritira

Pulsa il cuore

Senti i tamburi?

Uno, cento, mille

O nessuno

La mia voce

Sovrasta la mia voce

Devi parlare più forte!


No, solo silenzio

Corre la mente

La raggiungi?

Non so dove vada

La penna insegue e afferra…





Frammenti di pensiero

Intrappolati nella carta.

Like a flower / Come un fiore

Like a flower

She blossomed flourishing

Like a flower

She grew and she breathed the breeze

That life infuses,

Like a flower

She sprouted and saw her little ones


Like a flower

After many years she became unable

to stand on her strong stem,

and slowly, like a flower,

she bent, trying with all of her strength

to resist.

Today her lymph has broken,

But the memory of this beautiful flower,

A true gift of nature,

Will stay within the heart of all of those

Who have for long been able to admire

Her lovely petals.


Come un fiore

Come un fiore

È sbocciata rigogliosa,

come un fiore

è cresciuta ed ha respirato la brezza

che la vita infonde,

come un fiore

ha germogliato ed ha visto i suoi piccoli crescere,

come un fiore,

è arrivata dopo tanti anni a non reggersi più

sul suo forte stelo,

e lentamente, come un fiore,

si è piegata, cercando con tutte le forze

di resistere.

Oggi la sua linfa si è spezzata,

ma il ricordo di questo fiore stupendo,

un vero dono della natura,

rimarrà nel cuore di tutti coloro

che hanno a lungo potuto ammirarne

i bei petali.