The Best Surprise

It was Sunday and Thomas was in bed, already awake even if it was still early morning. He felt the urge to get up and play. He sat up still inside the warm blankets and looked towards his baby sister’s cot. She was fast asleep. He could see her tiny hand grabbed around her little doll. He got up, quietly slipping his feet inside his slippers.

Thomas tiptoed to the kitchen where the shutters were already open. Everything felt strangely quiet and calm. He was not accustomed to silence and it made him a bit nervous. Then, suddenly, he saw something extraordinary…

…He walked closer to the kitchen window and he saw that the garden, the trees, the sky were all white.  He was completely confused. It looked like icing sugar had just been powdered everywhere. What was going on?

Mom and Dad were asleep…he just put on his blue jacket, gloves and hat. He looked for his boots and he quickly got his feet inside them. His heart was pounding, he needed to get out in the garden and discover what was happening.

Thomas opened the kitchen window and ran outside… he felt the snow on his face, and he saw that as soon as he touched it, it melted. All he could do, at this point, was run and run and run around the garden – he was laughing loud, screaming and crying with happiness. The sky was a magnificent kaleidoscope of snow flakes, that almost made Thomas feel dizzy.

His mom woke up and saw Thomas from the window, and smiled: it was the first time Thomas had ever seen snow. It was his best surprise ever.