My First Guest Post!

Today, my first guest post on another blog has been published!

Unfortunately, I only had the time to write the article in Italian but I will post a translation here as soon as possible, so keep your eyes on this space. The topic is how Italians behave when they’re travelling (“Identikit di un turista italiano”).

Here’s the link:


UPDATE: English Translation of the article now available at

5 thoughts on “My First Guest Post!

  1. Taking into account the little “hiccups” of the computer translator, a great post!
    I always made an effort to get off the “main drags” and see things away from the usual tourist traps (limited as I was to American cities). It usually worked well, until one time I found myself walking through a true Skid Row, full of vagrants and drunken bums, with a few thousand dollars of camera gear around my neck.
    It’s amazing how fast you can “walk” when properly motivated! 😀

    • Thank you for taking the time to bother with Google translator – although I’m not sure if it will have done justice to some Italian expressions which I’d struggle myself to translate! Still waiting for you to open your own blog…I think it’s about time you gave it a go! 😉

      • Congratulations – you have now set the Eastern limit of those agitating for me to start a blog! I have been harassed from Australia to Italy, north to England and Canada, and all throughout the US. Enough! 😀
        Gimme a chance to burn through a backlog of over 300 posts I’ve got to read from my … “sick leave” following Christmas. Then we’ll see what wonders I can create! 😉

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