Thank you!

Just a quick note to my blog’s new followers and new visitors: I am absolutely flattered by all the positive comments and feedback I’ve received.

Although the purpose of my blog is simply to have a place to gather my writings and photos, I am absolutely delighted to see a growing number of visitors who share their views with me and give me the opportunity to discover new blogs everyday.

This makes my blogging experience all the more gratifying for me.

Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Do I count as new, though I’ve been accused of being older than dirt? (A charge I deny, though not strenuously. I can’t do ANYTHING strenuously at my age! 😉 ) Well, either way, thank YOU for producing wonderful words, picturesque photography, and illuminating insight. You bring wit, whimsy, and wisdom into your readers’ lives. (I’d add something about the beauty of yourself, inside and out, but I’m trying not to peg the “sappy” meter.)
    Again, thank you!

    • John, you are not ‘old’ in any sense… and, you might not realise it, but the continuous support of people like yourself who show constant interest in what I write, gives me often the energy and will post on my blog, even when I have no time or am exhausted!!! So thank you too, of course! 😉

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