Feel the London Vibe

You know your plane is landing in London when outside the tiny window you see pouring rain and a marvellously green landscape. Just about the time to wait for your suitcase, change into something warmer that you notice a few shy rays of sunshine peeping through the clouds.


You take a seat on the tube and no one appears to notice the girl with green hair who’s forgotten to wear a skirt. Nor is anyone bothered by the man taking up two seats due to his extra-huge size.  The newspaper read by the lady next to me reports in details the remarkably wrongful behaviour of two policemen who parked on a double yellow line to shop in Tesco’s. In Italy, this news wouldn’t even feature in a minor last-page column.


As you step outside, the wind makes any efforts to comb your hair entirely useless but gives you wings to walk. You soon smell food from the local Thai restaurant which blends in with the smell of McDonalds’. If you don’t like it, don’t worry because just round the corner you’re in Italy or, if you prefer, in France. But make sure not to hesitate while walking or you’ll literally get run over by crowds of people.


As you make your way through the crowds, you get a first glimpse of the vast green areas. Just a few steps, and you’ve stepped into the countryside – now you can just relax lying down on the greenest, cleanest and softest grass.

5 thoughts on “Feel the London Vibe

  1. Substitute “El” for “Tube”, and you’re pretty close to the Near North Side of Chicago! Once you’re over the Chicago river and out of the downtown area, you find a lot of restaurants with a wide variety (unless you want Greek – that gets several blocks on the near West side, just over the Kennedy/Edens expressway). You have the undeniable advantage, though, of wandering past buildings hundreds of years old. Due to the Great Chicago Fire, nothing is more than 140 years old, maximum.
    I wish you people would stop writing posts that make me homesick! 😉 😀

      • Homesick for Chicago – I’ve never had the pleasure of getting to London. And no worries, thoughts of Chicago are always (well, MOSTLY always) pleasant ones, and much-needed incentive to keep me fixing our current house up for eventual resale to fund a return to (or more likely, nearer to) my “sweet home Chicago”.
        Now if I can just keep my air-conditioners, computers, and Internet working. I’m currently zero for three – had to swap out an A/C unit, transfer from a dead laptop to a working desktop, and wait a couple days for our idiot wireless Internet company to replace their tower. You know the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”? It’s been very interesting the last few days…..

    • Yes, it was the Evening Standard…but my surprise was rather due to the comparison with Italy rather than on the poor quality of the newspaper!
      I am not in London anymore and unfortunately I am reading with apprehension what is happening! Really worrying…

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