New Blog Theme

What do you think of this new blog theme? I really like it!
Of course, if I keep it I will personalise the header.
I would be glad to hear your opinion! Thank you!


6 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

  1. I certainly LOVE the picture, being a fan of all things railroading, including trolley trains. Can you change the background colour of either the main portion, or the “bars” on either side? The colour scheme washes out on my laptop (admittedly, an old beast with a mediocre LCD sceeen).

  2. The picture is not mine, so I want to change it for sure. It’s a set picture that comes with the theme. It’s nice, but I prefer having my own picture. I have finally found one I like, from Museo Sorolla in Madrid for the header! I think it looks nice. Thanks for the suggestion regarding background colour scheme. There is the option of having it all in a ‘dark’ setting (i.e. black background) but I think white is better and easier for reading. I have now changed it to a pale blue matching the header. More suggestions are welcome.

    • The new picture is neat – nice mosaic tile work. The “dark” option would indeed make it too dark. The light blue edge definitely helps!

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