Sudan’s Referendum: Will a New Country Be Born Tomorrow?

Tomorrow, 9th January 2011, is an important day. A referendum will be held in Southern Sudan for independence from the North. While Al Bashir’s arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court is still pending, the country is facing a possibly radical change. This has raised hopes amongst the Southern Sudanese people, as well as being a new issue of concern for the region’s (precarious) stabililty.

Thanks to the blog which I read frequently, I found out about a very instructive and interesting documentary on the history of Sudan by Al Jazeera that I would like to share here.


To view directly the Al Jazeera page on “Sudan: History of a Broken Land”, click here:


8 thoughts on “Sudan’s Referendum: Will a New Country Be Born Tomorrow?

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    • Thank you for your really encouraging words! 🙂
      I don’t think I can take the additional stress of signing up to a race – I will take it easy and maybe in the future I will get more serious about it!

      I think you commented by mistake on the wrong post, I tried working out how to move your comment to the relevant post but couldn’t figure it out!
      If you could submit the same comment under my post ‘A Scary New Resolution’ I will them remove it from here! Thank you very much!

  2. ….The secession of south Sudan is all but guaranteed but securing the vote for that outcome is the least of the challenges facing the southern Sudanese writes Asmaa El-Husseini in Juba.. ..The citizens of south Sudan stood quietly and patiently in very long queues outside ballot stations to decide their common fate. It was a strange sight that may never leave my memory or that of the reporters and monitors who flocked to south Sudans capital Juba.

    • I completely agree. So you have been to South Sudan as a reporter? That sounds very interesting – where can I read some of your reports or results of your work? Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

      From a very interesting article:

      “The trumpets will sound; the drums will beat; the flags will flutter proudly. After a referendum to be held on Sunday [Sunday 9th January 2011], a new nation will be born on the continent of Africa – and great will be the rejoicing. Well, I’m sorry, but maybe not so fast. ”

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