What if?

There are times when one looks back at life and starts wondering ‘what if’

It is always best to look back with happiness and satisfaction, however it is very human and real to have nostalgic memories or even regrets.  ‘What if?’ is a difficult question, one that quite easily implies looking back at one’s life and re-examining our decisions. In a way, it would be best to avoid it, but I can’t help but wonder sometimes…what if I had chosen a different subject for my degree studies. What if I had accepted that internship offer. What if I had arrived earlier to meet that friend.

But life is necessarily all about choices and options. When we go one way, automatically we give up on all other options. That is not bad at all and life would never go on if we didn’t come to make choices or take decisions. Even ‘not chosing’ is a choice itself. Thinking about ‘what ifs’, makes me wonder how different I could be now if I had made different choices. Or maybe I would be exactly the same, just in a different ‘setting’.

I often wish I had more lives to live, so I could experience all the things I am interested in and that maybe I will never be able to do.  But I will never say …never! Maybe in twenty years time I will change life completely and be selling ice-creams in a completely different country! Who knows!

…And, finally, what if I had never written this post?

Probably I would already be fast asleep!


2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. You are so right, we make so many decisions in our lives that we really can’t help but wonder: what if? And often we realize that some choices have big implications!

    But as the poet Antonio Machado said: “Caminante, no hay camino, el camino se hace al andar” (Which I roughly translate as “When walking, there’s no path. The path is made by walking”).

    We can ponder some life decisions but at some point we have to make choices, and choosing means giving up. But as you said: you never know what the future might bring!

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