“Due passi” in Turin

Last night I went for a short walk around the centre of town on my own. In Italian we say ‘andare a fare due passi’, literally meaning ‘going to walk two steps’.

The street lights were being lit up and people were mainly on their ways back home or, as in my case, on their way out. I love it when I have some spare time on my hands to walk around alone.

At first, I generally feel that I am not sure where to go and what to do. I feel like I need to talk to someone about my day, about what is bothering me or what is new in my life. But after a couple of minutes an amazing feeling kicks in and I breathe in the freedom to walk wherever I want, stop by any shop window I want for as long as I want or even just stop somewhere an look around.

I also love listening to random conversations in the street and smiling at funny comments, stories, situations. But there is more than words that I listen to, I look around and appreciate the beautiful buildings around me, the sun setting, the cold air on my face. It is no longer about ME, but about what is AROUND ME.

This allowed me to notice and visit an open-air photography exhibition in the centre of Turin on the ‘Spirit of Nomads’ by Gianni and Tiziana Baldizzone. The photographs portray nomads from various parts of the world in their natural settings, from the Tuareg in the Sahara desert to the Dolgan in Syberia.

I love the light in the last picture. There were about 100 photos exhibited and each was accompanied by a detailed comment on the nomads and their habits. The focus of the captions was on the relation between humans and nature.

It was a perfect way to end my solitary walk!

Below, I post some of my own photos which I thought could somehow relate to the topic of ‘Nomads and Nature’ – with a bit of irony or not, it is up to you to decide on how to interpret them!


1 thought on ““Due passi” in Turin

  1. I also like to walk in the city alone, usually in weekends. It’s very good way of cleaning my mind! And I like the “serendipity” in the walking. For example, I can find something interesting or meet frineds by chance!

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