Buried for half an hour

Yes, you got me right. Get buried (alive, that is!) to learn to cope with stress. Are you feeling on the brink of a nervous break down – kind of …like this…?

…then you might want to consider being buried alive for sometime!

This is the business idea of a group in Russia called Enlightenment Territory. They believe that spending a maximum of 40 minutes buried without the possibility of seeing sunlight will suddenly help you to enlighten and see there is no real reason to stress.

One of the trainers of the Enlightenment Territory claims that this technique is great because “A person can neither see nor hear anything, nor even move underground. They have no other option but to delve deep inside their minds.”

What a brilliant idea! And why would I ever want to PAY for this experience?? …I think reading this news has already enlightened me!

Check the experience out yourselves – Watch this:


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