My first blog ever!

Hi everyone!

This is my first post. Since I have opened my blog two days ago, I had a lot of things in mind I wanted to write and post, many of which are already written and literally just need to be posted! However, despite being on holiday, time seems to get by so quickly and I am always busy or else it gets too late and I am too tired or lazy to get blogging.

So…I thought I should start from somewhere before this whole idea of blogging already falls in disuse even before starting! I will share with you my plan for this blog.

First of all, the name: Little Explorer. I spent some time thinking about the name I wanted to choose. I wanted it to express something about how I am, without revealing too much about myself. I wanted a name that would be short but interesting and curious. I wanted a name that would not bore me after one day or so, but most of all something that would make people think ‘I wonder what this blog is all about, let’s have a look!’. I am still not sure about this name I chose, but – hey! – I had to make up my mind at some point, so here I am!

Secondly, before starting with the blogging, I want to transfer to this blog a lot of materials I had posted on a website I created some six or seven months ago. I had initially opened a website to collect my writings and thoughts, however over time I realised it was not a very practical tool for my purposes so I thought a blog would be more appropriate, flexible and easy to use. Afterall, I want to be able to write when I feel like it, without having to think too much about structure and planning – so a website really was not for me right now. Once this process of transfer will be done, I will shut down that webpage to avoid duplication.

Finally, I want to blog about my amazing summer holidays, which unfortunately are about to end – however, there is so much I’d like to say about them as they have been incredible life experiences. I think saying I went to Israel and Denmark is enough for you to realise that recently I have seen incredibly fascinating places and met so many interesting people that I really feel the need to write about them to remember forever my feelings, impressions and thoughts.

Here is one picture from my holiday in Israel

…and here’s one from Denmark

Very different, right? But both special in their very unique way!

I feel so excited about starting this blog – does this sound silly?! Well…the reason I feel excited is because I think that blogging is a form of expression just like writing a book, a diary or even keeping a journal. It is a way of putting our thoughts ‘on paper’ while filtering them for the public we have in mind, thus it is a form of exercise for our minds that have to reason on what is important, worth, appropriate, relevant, interesting for a blog. Blogging, in other words, is an experience which I believe can be very enriching because it is not only a form of writing, but also an interactive platform allowing others to take part in the discussion, adding comments that keep the written text alive!

So, I guess this is the end of my first post. I will do my very best to post again soon and transfer all the contents of the old website to this new blog!

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