In 2008, I chose to copy myself a painting I had seen in its original copy in Nice in 2004, in the National Museum of Chagall. It is a painting which is part of the Biblical Cycle of the Song of Songs. In particular, it represents the Song of Solomon IV.

I chose it because, to me, it is a very emotional representation of love in its purest form. It is a mixture of reality and dream. The newly-wed royal couple is flying in a red sky symbol of strong passion and warmth. Chagall added in the lower right corner the image of what appears like a burning bush recalling the Biblical episode when God manifested himself through the flames of a bush to prove to Moses that he really did exist.

The bush is surmounted by an upside down sheep, traditional symbol of sacrifice and innocence. To the very left we can see a group of people – representing the Isralites – stretching towards the king (Solomon) and his wife. There are men, women and children to represent the entire population. Below the flying horse, there is a city maybe Jerusalem – as we might imply from the dome and the architectural style of the buildings. Although none of the photographs below show it, at the very bottom of the painting, there is a ‘hidden’ couple lying down taking up the entire width of the painting and maybe representing the physical aspect of love and marriage.

Everything is wrapped up in deep red overtones, which give a special atmosphere to her whole scene.

As soon as I retrieve the photograph of my version of this painting I will publish it here! My latest post includes the photographs:

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