Film: Avatar

“Avatar” by James Cameron (2010)

The most advanced high-tech features have been used to produce this film. The director, James Cameron, has applied the use of 3D techniques with such an ability that the spectator quickly forgets the film is no longer 2D. Cameron does not feel the need to show off with eccessive special effects: he uses just what is needed to get the spectator fully involved.

Before going to the cinema, I must admit that I wasn’t too keen on watching Avatar: I was convinced it would be yet another great money-making blockbuster which would disappoint me. Instead I was surprisingly intrigued by the film from the first few minutes.

It takes some time to get used to the 3D effect and for some people it may cause headaches, however I found that after a while I had completely forgotton about it and I was absolutely involved in the film.

The war between Pandora inhabitants and Terrestrians is violent and symbolic. It represents the constant mistake Humans have made in abusing and misusing nature’s resources and their lack of understading of nature. It also denounces the cruelty of wars caused solely for financial purposes.

At the same time, Avatar expresses a deeply philophical meaning of life as a part of nature’s cycle. Maybe inspired by Buddhism, the Na’vis (the human-like blue creatures of Pandora) follow a religion based on the veneration of nature. A true Na’vi must learn to ‘listen to it, hear it and understand it’. Nature ‘speaks’ to the Na’vi. Only the human who will learn the language of nature like the Na’vis will become part of their tribe.

Although the film takes us far away to a distant world, the themes it brings to us are not far away at all from our day-to-day reality and inspires us to build a better world.

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